Services & Events


We provide the following services:

Accommodation Referrals

We provide a referral service with associated agencies and community members to assist Muslim women with temporary accommodation. Women who may be experiencing domestic violence will be referred to the appropriate community organisations.

We have an accommodation register to match up sisters needing accommodation with others who have a room or dwelling to rent. All details are confidential and only used to help sisters find safe and secure housing. Let us know if you can offer accommodation for not only sisters, but couples and families as well. Likewise, let us know if you are looking for a place to live and we will try to assist you.

A Meeting Place

Where women and their children can participate in worthwhile classes, gain new skills, work together on projects and socialise in a supportive and safe environment.

Support for new Muslims

Our support group meets monthly; offering friendship, understanding and encouragement from women who know the issues and challenges new Muslims experience. We also provide support, resources and information to women who are interested in Islam, considering becoming a muslim, new and long term reverts, or sisters from non-practising Muslim background.

Our other services





  •  Youth school holiday activities
  • Women’s Health and well-being sessions
  • Community Iftars during Ramadan
  • Reverts / New Muslims support and resources
  • Meal roster from volunteers for those in need.

Our past events / activities include :

  • Youth groups
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Friday Lunch Club
  • Annual Fundraising Dinners