Our Story

The  Sisters’ House was originally established in June 2010 to provide vital emergency  housing including counselling services specifically designed for women from diverse backgrounds and catering for the particular needs of muslim women in the community.  For over five years Sisters’ House was managed by a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers from our community. This group of women devoted many hours of their time to work together as a team and with the residents of the house to maintain the running of the house within a structured support system. The women received the support they needed in a safe environment along with regular social activities and advocacy to help them transition back into the wider community.  In  October 2015 the Sisters’ House was closed due to an agreed decision by the management committee to  focus on specific areas needed to better support the community.

A dedicated team of volunteers continue to provide support services for women in need in our community through advocacy, counselling, case management, share accommodation, home visits and meals for those in need. We offer support & general help for sisters who are isolated along with welcoming migrants and those newly-arrived in Brisbane. We also engage with women and youth in our community with interactive Events and workshops, we coordinate a monthly Sisters Coffee Club, regular social sessions, youth group activities & school holiday programs

To reflect the development of the organisation, the name of Sisters’ House was officially changed to Sisters’ Support Services Inc in 2017.

Programs and activities include regular sessions to benefit women in health and well being, including interactive workshops especially designed for women and youth in general and to include those from diverse backgrounds.  As well as helping women in our community Sisters Support Services has blossomed into a meeting place for women from all backgrounds to come and participate in worthwhile classes and events, work together on projects and socialise in an safe and relaxed environment.

Our Purpose & Goals

The Sisters Support Services Inc was established to:

  • Support women in need through advocacy and by empowering them to live to their full potential for a more peaceful and purposeful way of life.
  • Strengthen community connections through beneficial activities, classes and workshops to improve well being, social cohesion and a sense of belonging.
  • Engage and empower our youth with interactive workshops, day trips, fitness programs and fun school holiday activities.